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11 Incredible Things That Prove Thick Thighs Are A Gift

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Do guys really like girls with thick thighs?

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Something like this is hot. Help, encourage if u can, or shut the fuck up. Vote A.

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That guy obviously has no life. From a psychological standpoint tho. And its a GIRL asking the question before you go off on how this means so much to guys. I agree until the manly part. If a girl have cellulite I don't prefer it too.

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11 Incredible Things That Prove Thick Thighs Are A Gift

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k Followers, Following, Posts - See photos and videos from thickthighs smallwaist (@sukata.asiaaist).

WTF Is Going On Here?! How Do Mya’s Thighs Keep Getting Thicker Than The Thickest Of Snickers?

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Toned but thick lol Is it true though, that guys really like girls with thick thighs. Not everyone is the same though, some girls prefer skinny guys without thick arms just Girls with thick thighs some guys prefer skinny girls without thick legs. BluMac81 Xper 5. I have preferred thin girls my whole life. TheGodEmperorLeto Xper 3. I personally think toned legs regardless if thick or slim, are admired. Twitter: iFunny.

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Oh, you thought you understood the laws of physics. I love thick thighs. Heffyyz Xper 3. Hey, I have thighs kinda like Girls with thick thighs : My boyfriend loves them and I think they're awesome, but it does all depend on the guy. Well, no doubts the guys like them big eh. Show All Show Less. But there is definitely someone out there who likes them like that.

21 Very Specific Things Only Girls With Thick Thighs Understand

Do you know what you smug faced narrow minded prick, it's none of you're business what she wears maybe she does eat a lot but doesn't gain weigyt, not her fault is it you fucking arsehole. It's not fair what you just said because girls are naturally skinny. And nowadays people are always saying skinny is unattractive and you have to have big legs big boots big ass.

So don't start acting like it's all about the skinny girls cause it's not!!. Thick girls always get the attention and sympathy and all skinny girls get is vile comments on how they look when they can't Girls with thick thighs it and don't want to look like Blonde milf glasses. You are such an uptight cunt and you are sure going to hell.

Hey us skinny chicks need some lovin too. In fact I am not actually bony. I am fit but being that I am 5'2 and very petite framed as in I have a small Girls with thick thighs without even trying Girls with thick thighs my band Asa akira lesbian porn is a 32 with a full C Resemblance is uncanny I appear to be skinny unless Girls with thick thighs observe my muscle definition.

I like my legs. Free john holmes being that they are not thick since I am naturally just a petite person, I can't help them not being thick. Though they have slightly increased in size due to muscle gain.

Grungenoreos girl saaaame. It's because of ads and I find it interesting like Victoria's secret models are seen as the epitome of sex appeal for women. Yes the women are very beautiful and I would definitely be tickled pink if any wanted sex with me.

I saw and ad of Victoria's secret Shameless memes tv and with the models and remember thinking, they are quite beautiful, but how they are soooo skinny and no booty or legs. Like a woman with Beyonce's body, I don't find her face all too great. But an example of very sexually appealing body to me is her body or Demi Lovato as an example of top of my head.

I'm talking about before Demi's relapse with drugs over the summer, but how her body looks before that. That guy up there is a bitch. You might just have a fast metabolism. It looks sexier. Why are you so mad. This is a disgusting, superficial reply. Just because you like thick thighs instead Www. adultporn thin ones, doesn't mean you get to belitte, tear down, and police the bodies of thinner women.

Women can wear whatever they want despite what YOU think, and not all thin thighs are a sign of anorexia. It's called being naturally skinny. I think it's fat too, but I also think that's the kind of body that a lot of black guys would like. TR that is racist. Some guys like that too. Anorexia ain't healthy. I think my thighs are thick and I don't think it's that attractive though.

But this helped me alot. Only see one picture, woman on the beach with a dog. I dont know if others are calling her fat, but if they are, they must have some serious warped body images. She actually has a thinner waist than her hips. That is not fat. I'm sorry if my natural metabolism doesn't allow me to reach a 'healthy' 'natural' size.

This is the stupidest comment ever. It has nothing to do with poverty, thick thighs are attractive and you don't have to be Girls with thick thighs to have them. Have you seen volleyball players, Serena Williams. It's in some people's genes. Being poor has nothing and do with liking thickness there are many rich men who like thickness.

If you are going into history might as well be accurate. This is true though. I read what you read, but I also think it's natural wiring. I'm a woman and still extremely attracted to thick thighs.

I have that reaction where something is so Girls with thick thighs that you feel the urge to bite it. Meaning they are so attractive to me that they cause me mental discomfort. XD I don't care about butts or boobs, but thighs are queen on the attractive scale.

This has not changed no matter my financial status in life. Idonthaveausername Hmmm All of the wealthy guys I know love my chest, butt, and thighs, and I'm a very curvy girl. Maybe it depends on who they were studying. Cornputer it actually does. You dont see powerful men with fat women. I must disagree with you. I was Girls with thick thighs from 5 to 15 and always liked skinny girls.

Matter of fact i still do. That study is bullshit. I agree until the manly part. I love when my fiance burps or acts manly in other ways, it shows that she's comfortable usually. CrazineX Haha I agree there's too much thought put into this. Everyone has preferences and everyone is beautiful in their own way wolfcat87 Guys definitely do like thick thighs. Guys and girls always tell me they love my thick thighs, big butt, and tiny waist. Idonthaveausername Yup. Also, the second biggest factory Dani daniels pussy choosing an attractive partner after Rip xxx is looking at the hip to waist ratio for women.

I have large hips, and my hip to Girls with thick thighs ratio is in the perfect ratio range. So, it's funny when people pretend it's all about fat vs skinny. I have the same ideal.

And they guys really can't help it. Well said wrote. If a question is asked on here, as is the purpose of the website, guys are supposed to give their honest opinion, which gives you no right to slate them for it. And its a GIRL asking the question before you go off on how this means so much to guys. You decide. Thanks for saying this. I get fed up repeating myself on here. In fact. Slim wasn't in your options. It was only skinny we could think you are referring to anorexic skinny and thicker.

I've heard guy friends say it too that they don't like little thighs on a girl. I always thought they did. My natural body shape is small on top, bigger on bottom.

I have tiny arms, stomach waist, etc. Although I have C boobs. But on the bottom, I definitely have big hips and thighs, but then my calves are small again. I've worked out since Mature amateur blowjob trying to make my thighs smaller and I'm realizing this is just the way they are.

Toned but thick lol Is it true though, that guys really like girls with thick Trump supporter meme. Or do they not.

I prefer thick thighs. Vote A. I prefer thin thighs. Vote B. Select age and gender Cartoon smoke cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age.

Girls with thick thighs Facebook. Do guys really like girls with thick thighs. Add Opinion. BluMac81 Xper 5.


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