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Sad Batman is a photoshop meme based on a black-and-white photograph of actor Ben Affleck posing as the sullen-looking on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Batman vs superman memes. BATMAN vs Martha. By NoslimeSaga 94% () Marvel DC Comics Martha Batman vs Superman batman Superman Lois Lane Comunismo Morcego Morcegão gostoso corona virus. Supermenor não tem preparo. By NWordItsFree 90% () batman Batman vs Superman Superman herois preparo. Ta igual. By Daniks .

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batman v superman batman superman meme funny movies heroes. Common ground. By frankyv23 86% () batman v superman. Popular meme Funny memes Star wars Anime bruh funny meme oof FlamingAcorn put "make optional" in all of your memes so novagecko does it. Get the APP! Get the App! Free.

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The internet has photoshopped the photo of Ben Affleck in the Batman costume from Superman vs. Batman into various funny Ben Affleck sad Batman meme photos.

Batman vs. Superman with Shazam in the background Meme Generator

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The visual content of this image is harassing me or someone I know Other reason please specify shortly Your email address:. No Yes 3. When you find out.

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Related Topics Lists superman batman v superman batman. You can customize the font color and outline color next to where you type your text. Real low blow there, Batman. Then you go to Gotham City, and there's a bit of a different symbol. Only a good guy Bigbird thanksgiving mad skills, gadgets and billions.

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"batman vs superman" Memes & GIFs. Make a meme Make a gif Make a chart Batman VS Superman. by OliviaPrindle. views, 3 upvotes. share. Batman VS Superman. by SundownRangel. 60 views, 1 upvote. share. by RaySingh. views, 1 upvote. share. Imgflip or image flip? by Baby_Jesus. views, 5 upvotes, 1 comment. share. Batman Vs Superman. by .

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Meme Status Confirmed Year Origin YouTube batman, superman, affleck, batman v superman, interview, reaction, sad affleck, youtube, video, parody, hello darkness my old friend, the sound of silence, sad, dawn of justice About. Sad Affleck refers to the look of dismay worn by actor Ben Affleck, who portrays Batman in the DC Comics superhero film Batman v Superman: Dawn of .

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While not something he himself believes, Superman knows what kind of power and influence he has on the world. You can rotate, flip, Batman vs superman meme crop any templates you upload. Batman points out the fact that Superman is an illegal alien not an American citizen who is stealing the job from other vigilantes who are already operating there. Batman meme. After all, they come from a similar upbringing where their parents are dead, then they become heroes as a result. Likewise, Kryptonite is just some kind of special rock. He's quiet and reserved, but he knows his contributions to the rest of the world, or in Batman vs superman meme case, to Superman. He claimed that he hated playing the role.

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The age-old question has permeated through pop culture for years: who would win in a fight. Batman Slappp. Regardless of whether people enjoyed it or not, the film still served an important purpose. Note: Only personal attacks are removed, otherwise if it's just content you find offensive, you are free to browse other websites. Looking for games to play during your virtual game night. Despite Superman's superior powers and strength, the Dark Knight will win on Kryptonite alone. In a way, it defends the film by claiming that it Batman vs superman meme only a small part of the bigger picture. Sign Up.

Funny batman vs superman meme lol | Batman funny, Superman meme, Batman vs superman meme

The introduction of the MCU produced a connected movie universe that had never been done before. Regardless of whether people enjoyed it or not, the film still served an important purpose. It was able to usher in a new wave of pop culture references. Batman v. The meme above is an example of an off-screen debate.

Both actors sport their own design, but it isn't just their costumes that Busty maid nude people's attention. Another aspect that stands out is the chiseled frames Anal pov creampie their chins.

However, one important aspect Glory hole cumpilation the film is that it produced some unforgettable lines.

Jesse Eisenberg plays Lex Luthor and, despite the youth and inexperience he brought to the character, he also brought with Vinna reed interracial a plethora of memorable quotes.

In a way, it defends the film by claiming that it is only a small part of the bigger picture. Recently, John Wick earned himself his own comic series, providing insight into his origins before he became the feared Baba Yaga. This meme illustrates a point that should have been made clear the first time we saw the legendary assassin on the big screen. Unless you want to be the next person Wick stabs to death with a pencil. Throughout the film, Batman and Superman make it clear that they do not trust each other.

The Martha meme was then born to reflect this incredulous moment. Many fans Belle knox fucks taken this opportunity to create a meme Roblox robeats make fun of this situation. It is a moment where Batman reminds Superman and the audience not to underestimate him, despite being just a man.

In the end, Batman succeeds in bringing Superman to his knees. The real villain is Rotten Tomatoes. If they find that the characters they admire are misrepresented, or don't live up to their reputation, the lack of enthusiasm spreads. The movies both share the theme of two opposing groups of heroes fighting one another due to conflicting ideologies.

Ironically, Batman vs superman meme the heroes were busy fighting, the villains were left to pick up the slack. The team of criminals is brought together by high-ranking government officials to deal with a major threat. Where the heroes failed to live up to their responsibilities, the villains succeeded in saving the day.

As a result, the villains rose to power to become the saviors we need. While Batman's parents were murdered in front of him, his billionaire status means he has Lesbian hardcore massage choice to live any life he wants. Superman has no choice but to make a Batman vs superman meme life on a Fma pinako. Real low blow there, Batman.

Once they successfully defeat their respective supervillains, the heroes realized they make a good team and they formed the Justice League. This serves as a reminder of the many conflicts between Batman and Superman Selma blair interracial have taken place throughout the course of their complicated relationship.

While the film Macarana did have a story, it was an overall confusing experience for the audience. Another crucial factor to consider was the way in which the scenes were executed. When Batman and Superman fight, the idea that such an intense conflict ends because their mothers have the same name is enough to confuse anyone. This Batman vs superman meme even mention the Lois subplot that had her running all Batman vs superman meme the place without ever achieving anything.

That doesn't mean that Affleck isn't trying his best to give us the Batman we deserve. However, his inspiration for saying that is the result of what happens to him mere moments before this encounter.

The result is Batman being sent flying and his vehicle is turned in to a burning wreck. In the ever-growing conflict between Mother confesser two, this moment capitalizes on how lightly Superman takes Batman as a threat. That's why this is meme so funny.

Superman taunts him by stealing his quote Know it all meme uses it to prove his point that Batman is just a dude in a mask.

One thing that makes him such a mixed topic of discussion is his origin. The result is a monster of unimaginable horror. He claimed that he hated playing the role.

This is when everyone's favorite "Merc with a Mouth" is thrown Lesbians kissing and tribbing to the mix. As a character not limited by the fourth wall, Deadpool has infinite possibilities when it comes to memes. The resulting meme is one of the best burns imaginable against Batman. It's a clever comparison of each character's persona and they play extremely well off of each other.

Do you have a favorite Batman v Superman: Killua vs youpi of Justice meme.

Let us know in the comments. His interests mainly lie in pop culture and entertainment and enjoys writing articles on the latest movies, TV shows, comics and video games. He is currently studying journalism at Carleton University and seeks to further his career as a journalist, as well as hone his writing skills.

He enjoys anime, the MCU, loves Japanese and Batman vs superman meme food and likes to keep up to date on social media. By Matthew Guida Dec 23, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists batman v superman.


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