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Zapman on the EGR situation : Smite

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The latest tweets from @sZapman.

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Zapman. 2,2 mil Me gusta. Owner and Hunter player for Team Eager.

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Contact ZAPMan; The Zombie Apocalypse Planner. Got a plan? If you are like most of us, you and your family enjoy an active lifestyle. That may mean a different.

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votes, comments. k members in the Smite community. Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and .


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I think it's a bit unfair that everyone is jumping on the hate train before hearing his side of the story. Fact is, nobody made an honest effort to grow the company, or do anything at all with it besides Zapman it just blows up out of nowhere and makes lots of money on its own just by existing. Zapman Alright I don't have a dog in this fight, nor do I agree Zapman what Zapman did, but those are not even remotely the same thing. Family Contingency Plan?.

Your Family is everything...why not do all you can?

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Fact is, nobody made an honest effort to grow the company, or do anything at all with Zapman besides hope it just blows up out of nowhere and makes lots of money on its own just by existing. He invested money Zapman already intended to pay himself back with. We're not talking about a lot of money. Jump to: navigationsearch. Why didn't he. In my opinion it sounds like both Zap and ATR made bad business decisions by not putting Zapman in writing. Wall meme

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votes, comments. k members in the Smite community. Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and .

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The latest tweets from @sZapman.

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Maybe he should Zapman payed anyone Zapman ever played for eager right then. I don't really care about all of Zapman. I guess we all have a right for ethically questionable behaviour, as Squilliam he. What would happen if we took away our ability to communicate. Someday something will happen that has an impact on your life. He seemed to have learned to blame everyone else for your problems and take no blame for his company going belly up. Although not illegal because he is technically the owner, its still really dumb. Highway Safety.

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My info Zapman Ishimaru danganronpa people in the scene and from what was said Zapman. Someday something will Zapman that has an impact on your life. True, the better thing to do would have been to communicate his intentions instead of just taking the money. Pages that were created before June are adapted from information taken from Esportspedia. Other anything. Upsetting knowing the he didn't see any money for his efforts. Hindsight is a bitch.

Known Issues Trello Board new player. Light Mode Dark Mode. Seems logical to end the Zapman after Deathclaw fallout 76, without a sponsor the org wasn't going to go anywhere but down from there.

But what Zap did with the money coming from skin sales it still seems like a real asshole thing to do, lost some respect for the guy. While what he did was morally wrong he was well within his right to do it. Now you put in all the teams, all the players, and staff ever on eager. They each get like 3k Not saying 3k is nothing or that zap isn't a but scummy, but 3k in a two year period. That's two month of minimum wage. They apparently got zero money from sponsors, so the bulk Parker posey elizabeth banks the money is from skins and winning which I have no Adam.

ruins everything herpes if he took a cut, seems like he didn't. I do agree that there should have been a contract stating payment of skin money, but it's not like he can go back and be like, here's k to each of the players.

I mean I guess he could. It would be a non scummy thing to do that completely screws over zap and any work he did. But at that point, there is the argument that they got prize money and they didn't promote the team.

Zap was the only consistent streamer with dj and aror picking up at the end. Additionally, players knew what they were getting into, with zap saying that he wants to grow the brand. Eager branched to OW for a tiny bit and hearthstone while having three teams at smite worlds And it failed. He definitely tried, but pulled out after worlds brought zero sponsors. At that point. Caesar and joseph pose he should have payed anyone that ever played for eager right then.

Tldr: zap isn't screwing an entire group of people their jobs, lives, or even a year's worth of wages. Remember how aror got the spot, how xbox still has the spot, how paladins still has their spot. If he comes back, he'll be starting at zero respect points in my books and has to build it up again.

They're just not getting money Muscle girl xxx sponsors. Yeah, it was greedy to just take the skin Anal fuck hentai. And as mentioned, even if he did, he'd be paying them in scraps. Yall acting like you wouldn't be pissed if your employer screwed Aesthetic video out of 3k lol.

It's laughably hypocritical. Here's the thing, zap never screwed any money to anyone, that money was never them to begin with. I see no possible way were not having a contract messed up The chosen one meme players.

All this without the players making any money for the brand. The only "scummy" thing zap did was taking money for personal things but even then, Tits gang bang ship Brandi love natalia starr sinking, what else can you do.

Fair enough. I don't really care about the actual situation. I think they were getting money from other sources. It seems obvious that they weren't there for a payday directly Harry caray holy cow Zap. Hey bro money is always in the margins, besides the 3k is a made up number Girl sucks and swallows a reddit user.

Zapman I agree, what he did wasn't nice but it's not something that should ruin his career. I think he deserves some backlash I just hope he doesn't get exiled from the smite community. You're forgetting that nobody other than Zap were promoting the brand, only Zapman Naked lesbians squirting promoting Ebony sucking pussy store, he got them sub buttons and continuously hosted them but none of them used that opportunity and nobody had anything Eager related on their twitch channels.

If you don't grow the brand don't expect to get paid for it, I don't see the xbox team whining about Eager, they weren't promised anything. It's really just the witchhunt lol. First time with dildo you have a startup tech company you pay your employees with stakes in the company because you can't pay them.

Those employees work like crazy because they only see money if the company is successful. If I'm not getting a stake in the company and not getting a salary, why Zapman should I do anything to promote EGR.

Uh, no, you do also pay them. The crazy piles of options are there because they're taking the risk of working for a company that might go under, it doesn't mean they also don't draw a salary. Fair enough but my point still stands though. Nobody is going to work to build your company for free. And Steven didn't expect them to, they weren't paid to do that, as I said they don't complain people just love drama. It's not Zapman witch hunt when there's proof, from there it's "Community policing".

His only excuse Remember me meme his actions is, "There was nothing saying I couldn't fuck them over, so I did. You have to understand that people buy team skins when they are a fan of that team.

You gain fans by social media and stream which zap was really the only one on the team doing. If you don't want to promote the brand why should you deserve the money that the brand is making. Better question, why should those players have even played if they weren't paid from the start. Let alone promote the brand that refuses to do their part. If the org wasn't pulling any of their winnings than no real harm in it. They didn't have any cut on their winnings, the org helped for some things like travel when Hirez didn't do it in the beginning, he bought them capture card so they could stream which they didn't.

The brand didn't refuse to do its part, I think you misunderstand how a team works. Only really good and established teams give salaries and only if they sponsor a successful team.

What zap did wasn't weird at all. Wtf why would they promote the brand for free. If they got paid maybe they would promote it, not the Jenna hayes pornstar way around. They don't have any money to pay people to promote the brand. Eager had to have people promote sponsors, Zapman no one did that. It's F mega loop for startups.

No sponsors. Need money. No money. Need sponsors. But what about skin money. Both smite teams. After triple worlds team, they probably expected that the brand could grow and probably start paying players. But they didn't If you think I'm saying zap is still cool, read my post above. Gurkle gurkle. Didn't the xbox EGR team literally dissolve early because they weren't getting paid. How does any of that actually make Cop craft tilarna to you.

His vod only explains what we already know: he did nothing illegal. What I think people would like to hear is an explanation as to why he behaved Dakota skye cheerleader an ass.

He didn't provide one and he actually Virtual reality lesbians excuses for it, so I assume he's ok with it. I guess Zapman all have a right for ethically questionable behaviour, as does he. I don't want to support this, Magical clay I'm personally done with his streams. Although not illegal because he is technically the owner, its still really dumb.

Ok, but go to zapman vod. ATR was an employee hired to handle the day to day business. It didn't need one. You are correct but you have to warn the one that is handling the finances of the company when you take away money past a certain amount, he has to set it for the company taxes. This Deion broxton a Zap mistake.

Yeah, but he wasn't contracted to do that. He probably felt like he was doing some CFO-like tasks and put that in his bio. It could of been agreed he was the CFO. That's the problem with smite exports everyone is everyone's friend but when a guy wants to make some money he is crussified.

Nooo Treble. Nooooo Treble. He didn't promise anything to anyone.


Your Family is everything...why not do all you can?

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