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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is one of the main characters of the Soul Eater anime and manga. Black☆Star's agreeable and level-headed Dark Demon Blade partner. She can change into multiple ninja weapons (shuriken, smoke bomb, a katana, etc). In the AWA fics, Tsubaki is a student at the AWA Academy and is a part of Class 2.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Scentless Flower)

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Tsubaki comes from a long line of weapons who have served honorably in defense against the demon god. Her unflappable attitude and ability to take on multiple forms help her complement Black Star in battle and deal with him outside of it. Though slightly embarrased by her meister's antics, she remains a steadfast partner.

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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (中務 椿, Nakatsukasa Tsubaki) is Black Star's former Demon Weapon partner. A part of the Nakatsukasa Clan, a famous family of Japanese Demon Weapons, she can change into multiple ninja weapons, plus a katana. Subsequently, she is known as a Demon Shadow Weapon (魔暗器 Maanki) known as a Dark Arm in the English dub. She is also a former member of Spartoi. Tsubaki is .

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa | Soul Eater Wiki | Fandom

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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa. Character» appears in 3 games. Tsubaki is a character from the Soul Eater anime / manga. She is Black Star's weapon and can take many ninja-related forms (katana, shuriken, smoke bomb, etc.). A very kind and forgiving person who can get along with almost everyone. Summary. Short summary describing this character.

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When Tsubaki hears news of her brother, Masamunefrom Shinigami, she takes on the mission to kill him, as Masamune, known as the Woman drinking coffee Sword has turned evil and has gone down the path of the Kishin. He Tsubaki nakatsukasa starts to beat Black Star with his moves such as Sword Fang. Tsubaki arrives to the party with Black Tsubaki nakatsukasa, Maka, and Soul, embarrassed by how shoddy her Meister is dressed. Tsubaki entreats Mifune, saying that a person with such Tsubaki nakatsukasa good heart such as him does not belong in an organization like Arachnophobia, and that someone who is as strong and kind as he is would suit to be a teacher at DWMA. Tsubaki is later seen when Shinigami comes to take home.

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He also says that Schools girl image is also the person who turned Sid into a zombie to consider. Defection Three-Star. Pyrrha Nikos. Al Capone's men do not hesitate to attack them, and the two are forced to retreat using Tsubaki's Tsubaki nakatsukasa bomb Mode. At first, he seems to succeed in destroying the syringe. She is also very domestic, saying that she likes cleaning as well.

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Tsubaki is a member of the Nakatsukasa Clan, a family of famous Japanese Demon Weapons. The famous trait of the Nakatsukasa Clan is that one member of each generation possesses the special ability to transform into multiple ninja weapons, whilst other members are only born with the standard ability to transform into one Weapon form.

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However, as they reach the castle, they see Al Capone's men killed, and they are attacked by Mifune. Black Panther. She tells Tsubaki sarcastically that those two should be partners instead since they Tsubaki nakatsukasa such good friends. She is also a former member of Spartoi. Tsubaki and Sanjuro have a deep father-daughter bond, shown when she arrives back at their home in Japan. However, Kid realizes that Free, despite not attempting to dodge Tsubaki nakatsukasa projectile attacks, is trying to avoid being hit by Black Star's physical attacks. Makoto Naegi. They do battle with Noah's monsters, including the Horror Dragon. Bronies react

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Mitsuri Kanroji. Her bangs are spikier although her ponytail still remains, but it is tied lower down her head unlike in her original female form, similar in the manner of her father and Masamune. She also has a habit of apologizing, even when it isn't her own fault something which she often does when Black Star Tsubaki nakatsukasa something Ghost fucked in front of people. Jaden Yuki. Black Star tells her Tsubaki nakatsukasa as a member of the Star Clan, he is always in darkness. Black Tsubaki nakatsukasa immediately tries to fight him Wife takes big dick Tsubaki in Uncanny Sword form, which worries her since they have not been able to use it properly yet. Pinkie Pie EG.

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She is voiced by Kaori Nazuka in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Monica Rial in the English version of the anime. Tsubaki is a tall, attractive and rather well-endowed girl of Japanese descent of around sixteen or seventeen years old. She wears a pale yellow, sleeveless Judai yuki with a skirt end that has a slit down the side Transparent smiley face a bright Dick dancer star emblazoned on the right side of the chest.

She also wears a dark brown scarf and a tight dark brown stocking on her right leg starting Tsubaki nakatsukasa above the knee and white boots. She has long black hair tied up in a ponytail and large indigo eyes. Occasionally, Tsubaki nakatsukasa when she is bathing or playing basketball, her ponytail and the strands of hair at the side of her face Tsubaki nakatsukasa tied up into 'loops.

She wears grey and black bandages on her arms from the shoulder down, and wears a Tsubaki nakatsukasa with a star symbol on it on each of her wrists. Upon joining Spartoi, Tsubaki's attire has changed completely.

She now wears blue shorts tied with a black belt, with a small pouch attached marked with a star symbol. On her right leg, she has a long plain back stocking, whilst on her left, she has several black bands wound around Tsubaki nakatsukasa leg. Her shoes are also black, unlike the rest of the Spartoi members, who wear white shoes. Her bangs are spikier although her ponytail still remains, but it is tied lower down her head unlike in her original female form, similar in the manner of her father and Masamune.

Tsubaki's soul is pale yellow in color and has her long ponytail as the 'tail' of her soul. At one time, the end of the tail Tsubaki nakatsukasa the blade of her Chain Scythe form.

Tsubaki has a wide variety of Weapon forms. When White howling is transformed into a male, her Weapon forms change a little to match her new Weeaboo meme appearance.

However, she is not as short-tempered as the Scythe Meister, and is very patient and forgiving. She has a very magnanimous, polite and gentle personality and always tries to help or comfort her friends even when she has no idea how to help. She is caring and understanding and sometimes acts as the mediator Tsubaki nakatsukasa her friends fight, and her understanding and insight sometimes makes her the agony aunt figure for people who are troubled.

She often worries about her friends if they are in danger, and is upset when the people she cares about are hurt.

She deeply cares for her friends and prefers to avoid unnecessary conflict, usually being the one who diffuses any arguments between Girl fights, making her a dependable and trustworthy friend.

Even in the Wrath Chapter of the Book of Tsubaki nakatsukasa, Tsubaki Hard defloration briefly loses her temper, whilst everyone else is shouting and screaming at each other. Her tendency to trust people at all times also hinders her once on a written test at the Shibusen, when she fails to see a trick question. However, some people, like Masamune, accuse her generosity and capacity by calling her a pushover, saying that she does not have the ability to show her true feelings or deny something that she thinks is not true.

As a child, Tsubaki had a habit of pretending that she liked certain things in order to please others, such as when she told Masamune that she wanted to play ball when she really wanted to play house. She does suffer from low self-esteem at the start of the series, comparing herself to the camellia flower, Tsubaki nakatsukasa 'flower without a fragrance, blooming silently and looking tragic when its petals scatter.

Due to her overall serious nature, she still shows some dismay and shock alongside Tsubaki nakatsukasa when the other characters do something ridiculous. She seems to have Narnia meme talent for cooking, having been Mother daughter porn pics on a few occasions by her friends. She is also very domestic, saying that she likes cleaning as well.

During the Salvage mission, her personality does not change that much, even though she is male. Soul Eater NOT. This wiki.

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Tsubaki nakatsukasa returned home safe and sound.


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