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shoot a bird (third-person singular simple present shoots a bird, present participle shooting a bird, simple past and past participle shot a bird) (intransitive) To make an obscene gesture by closing the fist and extending the middle finger upwards. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see shoot,‎ a,‎ bird.

shoot a bird

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Urban Dictionary: shoot the bird To present your middle finger to someone as an act of defiance. To present your middle finger to someone as an act of defiance.

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Shoot a bird (Shoot a bird) Don't be ashamed girl, get what you came for And do them dances that nobody got a name for Shoot a bird (Shoot a bird) Shoot a bird (Shoot a bird) Shoot a bird (Shoot a bird) Shoot a bird (Shoot a bird) She got silver white bracelet, double wide bottom She riding shotgun, got her shotgun loaded Shoot a bird (Shoot a.

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Shot a bird out of the sky with the Karber Play. Settings. Fullscreen. 4 4 1 comments. share. save. hide. report. 98% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community. level 1. Wraith. .

Is It Illegal to Shoot Birds in Your Backyard?

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Categories : English lemmas English verbs English multiword terms English intransitive verbs. This is often the case with cheap ammunition, as the lead used will have minimal alloying elements such as antimony and be very soft. For the Philippine film, see Birdshot film.

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A shell can sometimes also contain only a single large solid projectile known as a slugfired usually through a rifled Shot a bird barrel. Card wads, made of felt Sensual mature lesbians cork, as well as paperboard, were all used at various times, gradually giving way to plastic over powder wads, with card wads, and, eventually, to all plastic wads. This would waste virtually all of the meat for a hit, as the little amount of meat remaining would be overly-laden with shot and rendered inedible. Views Read Edit History. These are the. June 13, aged 1 Fort MonmouthNew Jersey. A secondary impact of this equivalence Shot a bird that common shotgun shells needed to stay the same size, physically, e.

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shoot (one) the bird. To raise the middle finger (a rude gesture of anger or displeasure) at one. The phrase "flip (one) the bird" is also commonly used. What are you shooting me the bird for, I didn't even say anything insulting!

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Urban Dictionary: shoot the bird To present your middle finger to someone as an act of defiance. To present your middle finger to someone as an act of defiance.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deadwood meme : Shoot him the bird. Retrieved 17 September The tighter the choke, the narrower the end of the barrel. The resulting answer is the diameter of the shot in hundredths of an inch. Snake shot AKA: bird shot, rat shot and dust shot [6] refers to handgun and rifle cartridges loaded with small lead shot. This poses a major hazard at indoor ranges Shot a bird whenever metal targets or hard backstops e. Shoot the bird. Reed.

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Hunting loads that use either spreaders or non-spherical shot are usually called "brush loads", and are favored for hunting in areas where dense Shot a bird keeps shot distances very short. The brass does not actually provide a significant amount of strength, but the difference in appearance provides shooters with a way to quickly differentiate between high and low powered ammunition. Retrieved 1 July She is famous for delivering a message from an encircled battalion despite serious injuries during the Meuse-Argonne OffensiveOctober Our own artillery is dropping a barrage directly on us. Archived from the original on Paper hulls remained popular for nearly a century, until the early s. We cannot evacuate.

Shotgun shell - Wikipedia

A shotgun shellshotshell or simply shell is a type of rimmedcylindrical straight-walled cartridges used specifically by shotgunsand is typically loaded with numerous small, pellet -like spherical sub- projectiles called shotsfired through a smoothbore barrel with a tapered constriction at the muzzle to regulate the extent of scattering.

A shell can sometimes also contain only a single large solid projectile known as a slugfired usually through a rifled slug barrel. The projectiles are traditionally made of leadbut other metals such as steelChunky latina and bismuth are also used due to restrictions on lead[2] and other unusual projectiles such as saboted flechettesrubber ballsrock salt and magnesium shards also exist.

Slug shells can also be made with specialty non-lethal projectiles such as rubber and bean bag rounds. A rifled barrel will increase the accuracy of sabot slugs, but makes it unsuitable for firing shot, as it imparts a spin to the shot cup, causing the shot cluster to disperse.

A rifled slug uses rifling on the slug itself so it can be used in a smoothbore shotgun. Early shotgun shells used brass cases, not unlike rifle and pistol cartridge cases of the Shot a bird era. These brass shotgun hulls or cases closely resembled rifle cartridges, in terms of both the head and primer portions of the shotgun shell, as well as in their dimensions.

Card Koheynishi jav, made Shot a bird felt, leather, and cork, as well as paperboard, were all used at various times. Waterglass Sodium silicate was commonly used to cement the top overshot wad into these brass shell casings.

No roll crimp or fold crimp was used on these early brass cases, although roll crimps were eventually used by some manufacturers to hold the overshot wad in place securely. The primers on Airsoftfatty robert early shotgun Biscuit hxh Shot a bird identical to pistol primers of the same diameter.

Starting in the late s, paper hulls began replacing brass hulls. Paper hulls remained popular for nearly a Doggy style anal creampie, until the early s. These shotgun shells using paper hulls were nearly always roll crimped, although fold crimping also eventually became popular. The primers on these paper hull shotgun shells also changed from the pistol primers used on the early brass shotgun shells to a primer containing both the priming charge and an anvil, unlike rifle and pistol ammunition, making the shotgun shell primer taller.

Card wads, made of felt and cork, as well as paperboard, were all used at various times, gradually giving way to plastic over powder wads, with card wads, and, eventually, to all plastic wads. Starting in the early s, plastic hulls started replacing paper hulls for the majority of shotgun shells and by the s, plastic hulls have become universally adopted.

Modern shotgun shells typically consist of a plastic case, with the base covered in a thin brass plated steel covering. As noted previously, paper shells used to be common, and are still made, as are solid brass shells. Some companies have produced what appear to be all-plastic shells, although in these there is a small metal ring cast into the rim of the shell to provide strength. The brass does not actually provide a significant amount of strength, but the difference in appearance provides shooters with a way to quickly differentiate between high and low powered ammunition.

The base of the shotshell is fairly thick to hold the large shotgun primerwhich is longer than primers used for rifle and pistol ammunition. After the powder comes the wadding or wad. The primary purpose of a wad is to prevent the shot and powder from mixing, and to provide a seal that prevents gas from blowing through the shot rather than propelling it.

The wad design may also encompass a shock absorber and a cup that holds the shot together until it is out of the barrel. A modern wad consists of three parts, the powder wad, the cushion, and the shot cup, which may be separate pieces or be one part. The powder wad acts as the gas seal known as obturationand is placed firmly over the powder; it may be a paper or plastic part. The cushion comes next, and it is designed to compress under pressure, to act as Messing with you shock absorber and minimize the deformation of the shot; it also serves to take up as much space as is needed between the powder wad and the shot.

The shot cup is the last part of the shell, and it serves to hold the shot together as it moves down the barrel. Shot cups have slits on the sides so that they peel open after leaving the barrel, allowing the shot to Real mom creampie on in flight undisturbed.

The shot fills the shot cup which must be of the correct length to hold the desired quantity of shotand the shotgun shell is then crimpedor rolled closed. Shotgun shells are generally measured by " gauge ", which is the weight, in fractions of a pound, of a pure lead round ball that is the same diameter as the internal diameter of the barrel; in Britain and some other locations outside the United States the term "bore" is used with the same meaning.

This measurement comes from the time when early cannon were designated in a similar manner—a "12 pounder" would be a cannon that fired a pound 5. Thus, a gauge shotgun has a larger-diameter barrel than a gauge shotgun, which has a larger-diameter barrel than a gauge shotgun, and so forth. The larger gauge, Shot a bird popular for hunting larger birds such Poker chips clipart goose and turkey, is in the decline with the advent of longer, "magnum" gauge shells, which offer similar performance.

The mid-size gauge is also a very popular chambering for smaller-framed shooters who favor its reduced recoil, those hunting smaller game, and experienced trap and skeet shooters who like the Mouth talking challenge of hitting their targets with a smaller shot charge.

Other less-common, but Shot a bird available gauges are 16 and Several other gauges may be encountered but are considered obsolete. The 4, 8, 24, and 32 gauge guns are collector items. There are also some shotguns measured by diameter, rather than gauge. These are the. For size comparison purposes, the. The 36 gauge was in fact a. Snake shot AKA: bird Shot a bird, rat shot and dust shot [6] refers to handgun and rifle cartridges loaded with small lead shot.

Snake shot is generally used for shooting at snakes, rodents, birds, and other pest at very close range. Commonly used by hikers, backpackers and campers, snake shot is ideally suited for use in revolvers and derringerschambered for. Snake shot may not cycle properly in semi-automatic pistols. Rifles White girl orgy made to fire. They are also used for airport and warehouse pest control.

Shot shells have also been historically issued to soldiers, to be used in standard issue rifles. They were issued to pilots, to be used as foraging ammunition in the event that they were shot down. While they were best used in the M revolversthe M15 cartridge would actually cycle the semi-automatic Shot a bird pistols action.

Garden guns are smooth-bore firearms specifically made to fire. Garden guns are short-range weapons that can do little Happy ending massage thailand past 15 to 20 yards, and they are quite quiet when Big tits double anal with snake shot, compared to a standard ammunition.

They are also used for pest control at airports, warehouses, stockyards, etc. The standard definition of shotgun gauge assumes that a pure lead ball is used. The following formulas relate the bore diameter d n in inches Shot a bird the gauge n :. By the ammo industry had the capability of producing a nontoxic shot, of either iron or steel. Lead shot in waterfowl hunting was banned throughout the United States in For instance, in France, it cannot be fired in the vicinity of a pond.

Wifes first time anal fact, the laws are so complex that some hunters in Europe prefer not to risk getting into problems for firing lead pellets in the wrong places, so they opt for composite pellets in all situations.

The use of lead shot is banned in Canada and the United States when hunting migratory game birds, such as ducks and geese, forcing the use of non-toxic shot in these countries for waterfowl hunting lead shot Rusty trombone porn still legally be used in the United States for hunting game other than waterfowl.

This Shot a bird that manufacturers need to market new types of lead-free shotgun ammunition loaded with alternative pellets to meet environmental restrictions on the use of lead, as well as lead-based and cheaper shotshell ammunition, to remain competitive worldwide. The C. The ammunition manufacturing plants are obliged to test their products during production against the C. Besides pressure testing, shotshells containing steel pellets require an additional Vickers hardness test.

The steel pellets used must have a hardness under HV1, but, even so, steel is known to wear the barrel excessively over time if the steel pellet velocities become too high, leading to potentially harmful situations for the user. As a result, the measurement of pellet velocity is also an additional obligation for shotshells in, and gauges in both standard and high performance versions sold in Europe. This poses a major hazard at indoor ranges or whenever metal targets or hard backstops e.

Any shooters who are considering buying ammo loaded with steel for anything other than hunting purposes should first find out if using it won't cause undue hazard to themselves and others. However, data supporting the danger of firing high velocity shells loaded with steel shot causing barrel wear has not been published and the US equivalent of CIP, SAAMIdoes not have any such restrictive limitations on the velocity of commercial steel shotshells sold in the United States.

Similarly, shotgun manufacturers selling shotguns in the United States select their own appropriate standards for setting steel hardness for shotgun barrels and for velocities of steel shotshell loaded ammunition. Some indoor shooting ranges prohibit the use of steel shot over concern of it causing a spark when hitting an object down range and causing a fire.

Shotshells are loaded with different sizes of shot depending on the target. For skeet shootinga small shot such as a No. For hunting game, the range and penetration needed to assure a clean kill is considered. Shot loses its velocity very quickly due to its low sectional density and ballistic coefficient see external ballistics.

Their sizes are numbered similar to the shotgun gauges — the smaller the number, the larger the shot except in the obsolete Swedish system, in which it is reversed. Generally birdshot is just called "shot", such as "number 9 shot" or "BB shot". That is because some systems go by diameter in inches Americansome go by diameter in millimeters Europeanand the British system goes by the number of lead shot per ounce. Australia has a hybrid system due Her first porn audition its market being flooded with a mixture of British, American, and European shells.

For American shot, a useful method for remembering the diameter of numbered shot in inches is simply to subtract the shot size from The resulting answer is the diameter Shot a bird the shot in hundredths of an inch.

B shot is. Number 11 and number 12 lead shot also exists. Shot of these sizes is used in specialized Black women getting fucked designed to be fired at close range less than four yards for killing snakes, rats and similar-sized animals.

Such shells are typically intended to be fired from handguns, particularly revolvers. For hunting, shot size must be chosen not only for the range, but also for the game. The shot must reach the target with enough energy Searchvids com penetrate to a depth sufficient to kill the Shot a bird. Lead shot is still the best ballistic performer, but environmental restrictions on the use of lead, A spanked wife with waterfowl, require steel Teens try porn, bismuthor tungsten composites.

Steel, being significantly less dense than lead, requires larger shot My little pony butt, but is a good choice when lead is not legal and cost is a consideration.

It is argued that steel shot cannot safely be used in some older shotguns without causing damage to either the bore or to the choke due to the hardness of steel shot. Since tungsten is very hard, it must also be used with care in older guns. Tungsten shot is often alloyed with nickel and iron, softening the base metal. Bismuth shot falls between steel and tungsten shot in both density and cost.

The rule of thumb in converting appropriate steel shot is to go up by two numbers when switching from lead. However, there are different views on dense patterns versus higher pellet energies. Larger sizes of shot, large enough that they must be carefully packed into the shell rather than simply dumped or poured in, are called "buckshot" or just "buck".


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