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which episode does Natsu and Lucy Kiss? - Fairy Tail Answers - Fanpop

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24/05/ · Natsu is holding Lucy close to his chest with an arm around her upper back. As for the heroine, she is leaning into her long time friend for a kiss with her eyes closed, and Natsu is ready to.

which episode does Natsu and Lucy Kiss?

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19/04/ · They haven t yet in the anime (im on episode ) and in that last episode a little girl named asuka dares Natsu to kiss Lucy, he leans in just as he s about to kiss her. Lucy puts Happy in front.

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Natsu cupped Lucy's left cheek in his hand and leaned in towards her again. This time, Lucy closed the distanced when she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss. Natsu wrapped his arms around Lucy's waist and gripped her hips firmly. Their lips danced together until Natsu .

Fairy Tail Creator Riles Up Fans with Natsu x Lucy Sketch

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19/4/ · no they don't kiss and im not sure if they ever will but im the manga they kissed but it was just another one of Juvia's delusions sadly. I don't think that they are going to pair Natsu nor Lucy with anyone because Nalu has been going on for a while and they still havn't put it in the show but maybe at the end of the series they will kiss or something but the series isn't going to end any time.

Do Natsu and Lucy Kiss?

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This Site Might Help You. Fairy Tail Guild. But, hopefully we get that in Years Quest. I thought, whatever I do, they are going to hit me.

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Answer Save. I Lucy and natsu kiss a clip a few months ago. The next picture added some details to the blank forms Squirting memes reveal their true identity. Part of the series' charm was the large roster of vivid characters and how distinct each wizard was. So, why haven't they declared their feelings to one another. Natsu and Lisanna go way back as childhood friends and the innocence in their burgeoning relationship was adorable -- Lisanna even outright proposed to Natsu.

Do Natsu and Lucy Kiss? | Yahoo Answers

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Lucy and Natsu, the two main are Fairy Tail's main ship (known as "NaLu" to fans) but creator Hiro Mashima has always kept the jury out on their true relationship. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Start now.

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Though the original manga and anime series has ended, fans are still hoping for a NaLu confirmation in future Fairy Tail projects. Natsu was al for it!!. Natsu is holding Lucy close to his chest with an arm around her upper back. I kinda don't want them to kiss because there Lucy and natsu kiss so many people you can ship Natsu with and if they kiss it with cause a lot of people to react :P. Nasty was comforting Lucy for some reason and they kissed. Fairy Tail Answers. Noted by Cana only a soul mate Thick latina big tits brake a love spell. Gray has hinted in the manga he likes Lucy and NaLu have not kissed as far as I know Lucy and natsu kiss.

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Clubes Relacionados. First time I thought so too but it was faked I wish they will. Lucy puts Happy in front of her face, resulting in an upset Natsu. Sidlink example, Lucy and natsu kiss I warned you; this is from episode Natsu caught Lucy from falling, again, when Lucy landed on Natsu and said, "I knew you'd catch me" she blushed By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. Anyways it's possible they could kiss, but Its hard to say. They didn't even kiss in the manga too!.

which episode does Natsu and Lucy Kiss? - fairy tail respostas - fanpop

But in the movie dragon cry. Hiding 2 comments First time I thought so too but it was faked I Wife upskirt they will. I saw a clip a few months Lucy and natsu kiss. I mentally and physically flipped out over it. Nasty was Lucy and natsu kiss Lucy for some reason and they kissed.

He tried to but lucy used happy as a shield. Anyways it's possible they could kiss, but Its hard to say. Who knows though it's possible they could though.

The picture you would Lucy and natsu kiss seen was on the Fairy Tail movie and someone just paused it at a moment Megan mullally boobs Lucy was flopping over Natsu's shoulder. I've seen the movie. And besides, if you look at the picture, why are Natsu's lips on Lucy's cheek?.

Lucy and natsu kiss Clubes Relacionados. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. The Fairy Tail Guild. Gray Fullbuster. Natsu Dragneel. Fairytail 4ever. Loki from Fairy Tail. Happy Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail Guild. Erza and Lucy.


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