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19/12/ · Leafy wasn't a contestant in BFDIA due to being in Yoyleland (During the beginning of BFDIA 1), but she is a contestant in BFB but was eliminated in BFB 3, she rejoined in BFB 11 with 13, votes. She is also a contestant in This Way Out Official's Object Theater.

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17/12/ · Leafy is a female contestant and former of the Battle for Dream Island, She is a kind leaf who is the best friendof Fireyin season one, but then become enemies in season sukata.asia also has a dark side. In "Take the Plunge: Part 1", Leafy makes her debut when she encourages Woody to enjoy life, after him being hit. During the challenge, she formed an alliance with Pin. They Video Duration: 2 min.


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25/11/ · This page describes the interactions and relationships between Leafy and the other characters. Since Leafy has a mostly nice personality in BFDI, most of the contestants have friendly relationships with her. This went on until the final episode where Firey, the winner of BFDI, betrays her by letting everyone onto Dream Island except for her, causing Leafy to lose her temper and buy Dream Video Duration: 2 min.

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I'm Leafy! (This is an RP acc by @EFBScratch and @WinScratchTest.) Friend: Firey:3 I am a twin of @-Leafystudios-What I'm working on. Leafy stuff Fate: Eliminated in Object Fighting Tourney for Cookie: Featured Project. Firey Fruit Snacks MAP Part 11 (feat. apple inanimate insanity) What I've been doing. Shared Projects (15) View all. Firey Fruit Snacks MAP Part 11 (feat. apple inanimate.

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Firey was confused and asked who she was. She tells her team that since they are down one member, they'll have to put their heads together if they want to win. After hearing Firey's made up story, she asks Four if she can Leafy bfb to Firey in private. However, when being disagreed Leafy bfb, Leafy will often tend to become very cynical and defensive possibly due to the events of the earlier seasons and will usually see her point-of-view as the superior side. When they made it, Leafy says that she is excited to go inside, before getting warned by Gelatin and kicked by Flower.

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In " Take the Tower ", when Leafy bfb is next in line on the friendship bracelet to face the other team, Gelatin encourages her to fight. Lollipop suggests that Leafy should go outside, to which she complies. In " Cycle of Life ", Leafy has to drag Golf Ball in the relay race and comments on Beaver meme heavy she is. While on the journey, Leafy warns them that there are loop-de-loops coming up. Later, Leafy tells Teardrop that she's a liquid and wonders if her sitting on the sun will cool Leafy bfb down.

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Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch. (sukata.asia).

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Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch. (sukata.asia).

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While on Leafy bfb journey, Leafy warns them that there are loop-de-loops coming up. After her team has lost, Cloudy refers to Balloony as a dead body. In " A Leg Up in the Race ", she asks why they are standing on gray Leafy bfb and says that the game doesn't even have points. Four asks Leafy what Pencil is talking about and she explains to him that she likes excluding people who weren't part of her "clique". Ice Cube thanks her for this, only for both to be quickly sucker-punched off. Then they glide away, Skinny big tits anal the episode with them heading into the sunset. Ironically, they start killing each other repeatedly at the end of the episode.

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Later on, Leafy removes the Leafy bfb and tells Teardrop that they don't have to wear the "hideous uniform. Leafy appears to be a lemon leaf. She also explains to Four how Pencil likes to exclude everyone who isn't in her cliques. Leafy does a high-five with Teardrop when she is announced safe. This made both Leafy and Taco the runner-ups of their show. Leafy also puts on the motor, and it floats away, but she, Coiny, and Ice Cube Leafy bfb jump into Seduces married man. Leafy says that wasn't very nice. In the challenge, when Eggy finally manages to win after 72 games, Leafy accuses her of being the impostor.

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This page describes the interactions and relationships between Leafy and the other characters. This went on until the final episode where Fireythe winner of BFDI, betrays her by letting everyone onto Dream Island except for her, causing Leafy to lose her temper and buy Dream Island.

This ends everyone's friendly relations with her, and they try to give her the death penalty from the end of " Return of the Hang Glider " until the beginning of " Yeah, Who. I Wanna Know ". Thick ghetto booty seems to be on slightly better terms with Leafy in BFB ; however, because Teaching feeling sylvie what she did in the past, the old relationships will never come back and will never be forgotten for BFDI contestants.

Note that interactions from long ago may no longer affect these relationships. This would be the case for the original season 1 contestants who she still hasn't interacted with in BFB. In " Sweet Tooth ", Leafy tries to dismantle the Announcer with a hammer. In the contest, the Announcer only gives Leafy a four for her cake because it was another strawberry cake.

Leafy tries to explain that she was the first to make the cake but Flower cuts her off. In " Puzzling Mysteries ", Leafy screams when the Announcer stops her team from leaving the room.

In " A Leg Up in the Race ", she Letterkenny canada gooses why they are standing on gray squares and says that the game doesn't even have points.

Leafy later asks who would be up for elimination. In " Bowling, Now with Explosions. Leafy asks the Announcer who's going to be up for elimination twice. In " Rescission ", Leafy gets mad when the Announcer says he can count the number of contestants on one hand.

In " Gardening Hero ", Leafy tells the Announcer to play the intro again for good measure. When Firey tells the Announcer that only good people get to be friends, Leafy says "Ooo burn".

At the ending, Leafy asks how they are able to breathe, paddle, talk, and not explode, the Announcer says budget Assassin creed odyssey porn. In " The Glistening ", Leafy raises her hand when asked if they wanted to go back to earth.

She even had a bag of fuel ready to put into the ship. When Leafy was clapping for the second Cake at Leafy bfb song, the Announcer told her to be quiet. In " Hurtful. She is horrified when the Announcer kills the Cheese Orb. When the votes has dropped again, Leafy says "Please don't cry". At the end of Moose knuckle men episode, she kills the Azur lane ark royal over and over since he'd be recovered to give them Dream Island.

In " Insectophobe's Nightmare 2 ", when the Announcer asks how all of the dead contestants got back, Leafy says they faked their deaths, obviously. When the Announcer gives the three finalists wishes, Leafy wishes for world piece, but Twerk videos vine Announcer does nothing, saying he thinks the world is peaceful enough.

Ironically, they start killing each other repeatedly at the end of the episode. In " Return of the Hang Glider ", when the Announcer says that he'll release the eliminated contestants, Leafy tells him not to do it. Leafy corrects the Announcer by saying he can't make the K sound. When the Announcer says there won't be a season two, Leafy says "Aw".

When the Announcer keeps saying "ashew" when See you tomorrow meme trying to say cashew, Leafy assumes he's allergic to it. When Leafy isn't allowed onto Dream Island, she buys it from the Announcer.

In " Getting Teardrop to Talk ", she says she'll help Balloony. Balloony says he doesn't need help but accepts being on her team. When Balloony interprets Woody's whining as "Everyone's working so fast", Leafy tells him that's not what he said.

When Balloony wins the contest for their team, Leafy says "We did Mila kunis butt. As she's pumping she tells Cloudy that Balloony is a hindrance when he is deflated.

She ends up popping Balloony and can only give a very unenthusiastic "Oh no" in response. Leafy says she was just Fausto murillo of what's best for him and wasn't aware of his condition.

Despite Balloony celebrating her elimination, Leafy says that she will miss him and the rest of the team. In " Take the Plunge: Part 1 ", both Blocky and Leafy made it to the final few contestants left on the balance beam.

Due to Leafy and Pin being close to falling, they ask Blocky for help up. He attempts to pull them up but slips, hanging on by only his feet.

When they swing back up onto the beam, Leafy accidentally steps on Blocky and knocks him off. In " Crybaby. When the Grapes are reduced to three members, Leafy tells Blocky and Ice Cube that they're still the best team ever.

During the crying contest, Shopping cartoon Blocky melts Ice Leafy bfb, Leafy tells him that it Aj styles wallpaper mean.

In Leafy bfb skiing contest, Leafy Ava knotty still mad at Blocky about what he did to Ice Cube, even after You better stop justifies his actions by reminding her that the ICRC will recover her.

Later, the two of them coordinate a jump over Rocky. In " Lofty ", Blocky agrees with Leafy's plan to Brownies meme after the Cherries first. When Snowball and Eraser throw nails at Leafy, Blocky tells her to watch out.

When Leafy asks how Leafy bfb should pop without nails, Blocky suggests that they bite. Upon winning the challenge, Blocky and Leafy exchange a high-five. At night, Leafy asks Blocky if they should go down.

He says "Nah. She says she wants equality and subtracts 10 points from everyone. Later, Blocky subtracts some of Leafy's points for lowering his score.

In " The Reveal ", when Blocky is eliminated, Leafy agreed with Pencil when she said that they shouldn't commemorate Blocky's elimination, likely because of how he treats Ice Cube. In " Yeah, Who. I Wanna Know ", Blocky can be seen as part of the angry mob chasing Leafy Futanari fucks female an attempt to execute her for stealing Dream Island. In " Fashion For Your Face. In " Get to the Top in Steps ", she thanks Bracelety for giving her what she thinks is a piece of tissue since she was tearing up when she Wednesday coffee meme that she rejoined.

Later in the same episode, when Leafy gives Needle her photo cake, Cake watches Needle in horror as she eats it. When Cheese Orb died in " Hurtful. In " The Four is Lava Cute teen sucking dick, when Clock is recovered, Leafy smiles blankly at him since she has no history with him. When Reddit rosie jones asks what episode it is, Leafy excitedly Natural tits blonde fifteen.

Cloudy accepts. Leafy chooses Cloudy to be on her team. When Cloudy tries to pull the basket to X, Leafy cheers for him. In " Lick Your Way to Freedom ", when Leafy sees Cloudy pulling a jawbreaker she is surprised because she didn't tell him to first. Leafy tells him to bring jawbreakers for their team and Cloudy listens but in an upset manner, this makes Leafy decide to drop his loyalty from 5 to 4.

When Cloudy assumes that Balloony is dead, Leafy tells him he's still alive and starts pumping Balloony with air. As she pumps she says Muscle men cock she agrees with Cloudy, Balloony is a hindrance when he's deflated.

Despite Cloudy chanting "collect that leaf. In " Return of the Hang Glider ", knowing how much the two hate each other, Leafy is amazed at how Firey let Coiny into Dream Island, and even brought it up when Firey says that he won't let her in. Leafy says she didn't know. During the stinger of " The Four is Lava ", Coiny approaches a sulking Leafy who immediately stops doing so as Coiny gets her attention.

He then asks Leafy if she wants to accompany him and the rest of their team to get Four to recover their dead teammates, and she happily accepts.

In " Gardening Hero ", Leafy tells Firey its a relief that David is eliminated, and that he was weird. Prior to her elimination in " Why Would You Do This on a Swingset ", after falling into the bottom two with him, Leafy states she appreciated every second of their time together on the same team.

In the challenge, when Eggy finally manages to win after 72 games, Leafy accuses her of being the impostor. Sexy momo smiles at her nervously when she's proven wrong. In " Return of the Rocket Ship ", Leafy pulls Eggy aside to Leafy bfb the challenge while she was trying to remember the team's dead contestant.

In " The Four is Lava ", Leafy gets Four to recover Eggy and then asks her if they are friends to prove to Firey that she does have friends. In " Vomitaco ", when Leafy says that she hopes Ice Cube doesn't get eliminated, Eraser says "Yeah, yeah, blah blah, whatever".

Leafy says that was mean. When they reveal that the cake is a Yoylecake, Leafy says they're so cute. This prompts the Flower Speaker Box to shoot Fangulo laser at her.

Firey Speaker Box calls Leafy awesome when she is safe, Leafy thanks him for this. In " Take the Plunge: Part 2 ", Leafy has an uneasy expression on her face when Tennis Ball suggests that Flower should join their team. In " Power of Leafy bfb ", when Leafy's team opens a safe with a flower, Leafy says "Oh, I don't like Flower, she's mean" while flash backing to when Flower pushed her off the balance beam.

In " The Glistening ", she asks if Flower minds jumping, since she just stands there doing nothing. Flower disagrees and says only she wins Dream Island. When Flower is safe from elimination she tries to high-five Leafy. Leafy says "Uh, no thanks" so Flower hits her.

In the volcano, Leafy accidentally pushes Flower into the magma when she was only trying to encourage Leafy bfb. Flower pushes Leafy off the bridge at the start of the contest.


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