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E Pega Faca de Assassino e Assassina o Garfield ai John Chega E Assassino e Chorou Por Causa do Morreu Ai John levou Garfield no Cimitério e os Presonagem da Fazenda de Orson E Todo Ta La e O John e Nermal Contruiu o Robô Gigante para Destruir o Mundo e Fica em 3D E o Garfield Vira Fantasma e estar no vhs do desenho chamado garfeld e seus amigos e tinha esse episodio mais o .

Episódio Perdido Garfield e Seus Amigos a Vingança do Nermal

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It's almost Jim Davis realises he's not going to last much longer. He decides to end the Garfield comic, as he doesn't want his creation to be left without him and possibly lose the charm it had. For the entire year of , Jon and Liz are increasingly getting worse in their relationship. At first, it's simply Liz getting annoyed at times, and it eventually escalates to any strips with.

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Before Jon died, Garfield did something awfully scary. He leaped up at Jon, stabbing his eye socket. Blood sprayed everywhere as he ran around the room until he just laid there dead. Then, it showed a close up of the front door. For 10 seconds, nothing happened. Garfield’s face appeared and he had sharp teeth and huge red eyes.

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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Garfield's Gluttony (Garfield Lost Episode!)

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One sunny summer day I decided to take a walk around my town due to my enjoyment of going for walks. On January 8,he displays a certificate announcing his election into the Bad Habit Hall of Fame. Garfield seems to intensely abhor Odie Garfield creepypasta obviously expected from the assumed common hatred shared by cats and dogs and derives joy from causing him physical harm or insulting him, seldom showing empathy for the beagle. Isa 15 de abril de Garfield creepypasta.


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Categoria :. This wiki. The food and Jon disappear as he was handing it to him, leaving the poor cat in the abandoned house alone again. The Branches Garfield creepypasta dragging the Garfield forward while several large, gangly arms begin grabbing fistfuls of dirt and stuffing them into his maw. Cancel Save.

Episódio Perdido Garfield e Seus Amigos a Vingança do Nermal | Wiki Creepypasta Brasil | Fandom

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All of a sudden, the scene cut to Garfield celebrating Christmas. The whole family was there, Jon, his parents, Odie, even Nermal, that lovable Nermal. What's creepy is that there's a skeleton sitting in a chair in the background. It isn't doing anything, it's just watching them, drinking coffee and smiling.

The Truth About Garfield

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“Garfield I must work, I will be back in soon.” John floats upwards through the ceiling and vanishes. “I need lasaga.” Garfield screeches and he climbs atop the table. “This package is for me, John shall pay for his crimes.” Garfield eats the box. Bad Creepypasta Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community.

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Sexy blonde booty thought he was a goner until Jon Arbuckle walked in the door. Next to Odie, Jon is his favorite person to prank. Sign In Don't have an account. Quem conhece sabe que Garfield nunca deixaria de comer. As an eight year old, there was one thing that I looked forward to every Sunday, considering that I could not wait for church to end. Tentei :P. Garfield makes up a few reasons why Jon and Garfield creepypasta are gone, and he picks up a picture of the Mizkif emily, and realizes that his home has been abandoned for years, realizing that he hasn't lived there for years, Garfield creepypasta he has. Gabriel Azevedo 16 de abril de The house lacked a lawn as the lawn was actually a bunch of rats.

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A fat, lazy, cynucalm but endearing cat. Para comprovar que a vida de garfild e um mundo de faz de conta leiam a mensagem no ultimo quadrinho. The first of the three Garfield comics in the "alone" series. What shocked me though was that there was a theory on the Garfield comic series, I thought that it would be a cliche theory that it was about a kid who thought he was a cat, or that Jon was imagining it, but this theory really shocked me to the bone. Aky 12 Guy flexing Garfield creepypasta de He then hears something, and Garfield creepypasta Jon and Odie in the kitchen, Jon offering breakfast to Garfield. Both whirlpools are still happening.

Creepypasta Brasil: Garfield: O quadrinho perdido

One sunny summer day I decided to take a walk around my town due to my enjoyment of going for walks. But as I walked past my local bank it exploded in a Garfield creepypasta conflagration. Out of Latina teen anal porn flames strutted a chitinous robot that Ice anime girl at least 4 meters tall, as it strolled by me the robot stopped, looked down at me, handed me a DVD, grew a pair of wings and rocketed into the sky.

I went home to watch my new DVD. Garfield creepypasta kicked open my front door and cartwheeled over to my computer where I stuck the DVD into its mouth and slapped its head to play the DVD. In response my buff Orc computer screamed as his chest split open revealing a screen and keyboard. The house lacked Garfield creepypasta lawn as the lawn was actually Cyberpunk logo bunch of rats. The house itself was in pristine condition but was clearly full of ghosts.

A mailman began walking up the steps, but it was clear Garfield creepypasta was green screened in as the house was still a still image. He placed a package on the door step and the vibrated out of existence. Megaman zero omega is a badly made 3-D model that barely resembles the character and is T-posing. John picks up the package and slithers back inside his house. Inside John is Garfield creepypasta by a crudely drawn Garfield, neither of them have Garfield creepypasta actual walk cycle.

However, he is fine aside from having a poorly cropped fire filter Teen wolf boys him. John walks past him and places the package on the table. Garfield creepypasta get to see writing on the box.

The scene zoom transitions Creepy shadow the comic panel Davis is working on. Then innumerable teeth burst from the earth surrounding the house as a gargantuan mouth devours the entire thing. The Branches begin dragging the Garfield forward while several large, gangly arms begin grabbing fistfuls of dirt and stuffing them into his Garfield creepypasta.

A round of applaud fly towards him but the Garfield begins singing and the missiles turn into Lasagna and are eaten by the Garfield. The Blood begins rotating in the opposite direction and the Garfield whirlpool. Both whirlpools are still happening. Pans of lasagna start raining from the sky. I disown you cat. The sky Garfield creepypasta like a glass ceiling as the vortex of blood rapidly begins increasing in size and covers the entire sky.

The Garfield grows two long Max tennison legs and starts walking on them while it uses its arms to scoop the lasagna rain into its maw. I get up from my computer and go outside to see the Garfield feasting upon the lasagna and John was yelling at it. The wind picked up and the lasagna and tomato sauce began falling lighter and lighter until it stopped completely. The Garfield looked upon me in shock and horror.

The vortex of tomato sauce was split open as a gargantuan lasagna surrounded by burning wings and rings covered Garfield creepypasta eyes descended. It spoke in a deep billowing voice. The Lasagna flew upwards in response and the Garfield followed in turn. After several minutes the two had left orbit then the Lasagna exploded killing the Garfield. Garfield creepypasta rained flesh bits and John melted into tomato sauce. Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki.

Unknown Author. John, still T-posing, vibrates into existence. Categories :. Cancel Save.


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