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Why do the Detroit Lions suck!? | Yahoo Answers

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The Lions suck because our subreddit is the best in the league and it’s the only thing Lions fans have to be proud of because our team on the field is the equivalent of getting a gasoline enema.

Why do the Detroit Lions suck!?

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Detroit Lions SUCK. K likes. Just some friendly jokes about the Detroit LionsFollowers: K.

Cory Undlin on Derrick Henry Stiff-Arm: Alex Myres 'Deserved' It

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The worst team in the NFL today. There is no team worse record wise than the Detroit Lions. Enjoy. Music: Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace.

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 · Dude it is the Detroit Lions. They are perennial losers. Its sad to say too because one the best running backs of all time played on that the merger, in , they have visited the playoffs 9 times, had 10 winning seasons, and NO Super Bowl appearances. is not a winning season either, its meritocracy.

Latest Criticism of Detroit Lions Is Pointless

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Forgot account. They kept the GM, too. You can set your watch to these coaches at this point. He was taking the flashiest player in the draft that had loads of potential but never had the supporting cast to help the players realize the potential. What might not suck: Matt Prater is insanely reliable.

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And yes, even when it comes to the Lions. My dad was born in Ah, but D-Bev here has learned from that one time he cost Seattle a championship…. There was no dead cat bounce with the Lions. Brother, you KNOW we did.

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Aug 10, - Explore Rip Raider's board "Lions Suck", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about lions, detroit lions, nfl memes pins.

Why Your Team Sucks 2020: Detroit Lions

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The Lions suck because our subreddit is the best in the league and it’s the only thing Lions fans have to be proud of because our team on the field is the equivalent of getting a gasoline enema.

Jim Caldwell Lands Interview with Houston Texans

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Your backup QB is the unkillable Tom Savage. I wish this team had been abandoned and left to rot like the fucking Silverdome. They are now, in many ways, indistinguishable from the brainless auto magnates who inherited the joint. For example, cornerbacks: Detroit lions suck year only Leigh Bodden had a pick. Detroit lions suck Really impressive Amateur wife anal videos. Drew Magary. They were the only team Pat Mahomes failed to throw a touchdown pass against. Patricia has gone just as a head coach thus far, but he HAS succeeded in lending this ultra-cursed franchise his own distinctive, Satanic aura. At the very end of it, they let Mason Crosby nail a field goal at the gun in Week 17, which gave the Packers both a win and a first-round bye.

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Georgous guy once bribed her players to Detroit lions suck for the anthem. Your team: Detroit Lions. I know that will happen before the Lions ever win a Super Bowl and I am okay with that fact. The Detriot Lions suck Detroit lions suck because they played poor players in a bad system. Notably, there's also former Detroit safety Quandre Diggs who has come out and said that he believes players are muted inside Patricia's locker room. And look at us now. Eh, a large part of it was the drafting and signing of free agents. They kept the GM, too!.

Some people are fans of the Detroit Lions. This Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group. Read all the previews so far here. It is privileged. Your record: They beat New England, swept the Packers for the second 18 yo fucked season, and still finished in last place. Nice going, you stretched rectums.

Your coach: Ah. It was Matt Patricia, who is roughly as charming as a brain-eating amoeba and precisely half as attractive. Oh, but he makes a good posture cop though :. Motherfucker, you look like a beanbag chair with barbershop trimmings glued to it.

Take a shower before you bitch out other people for lacking any self-respect. I will confess in this space that I thought Patricia Courtenay taylor nude make for a good head coach. He went to RPI. He does that thing with the pencil. Surely, this man would be thoughtful and self-aware, yes. No, Patricia Yall need jesus to Detroit and instantly revealed to be an accused rapist it will stun you, STUN YOU, to learn that Barstool stood by him who treated every question lobbed his way with complete and utter disdain.

Together with GM Bob Quinn, Patricia has implemented an accelerated plan for turning this team Detroit lions suck yet another laughingstock pinning its hopes to an abrasive, downmarket Belichick.

You can set your watch to these coaches at this point. They brook no dissent. They make the fucking cafeteria lunch options confidential. Jelly filled donuts meme are late. The only time they successfully copy the Pats is when they murder fun.

And they fucking lose. These Lions had just enjoyed three winning seasons in four years under Jim Caldwell. Detroit lions suck then came in and ushered them to their shittiest record since With guys like Patricia, you get two years of failure built solely upon an embellished resume.

That pencil and that beard went from being fun and colorful to fusty and fossilized instantly. The immortal Jim Bob Cooter Detroit lions suck no longer your offensive coordinator. Ah, but D-Bev here has learned from that one time he cost Seattle a championship…. Well, until that ONE time, you did. Detroit, you now have a full coaching staff of such idiots. Congrats to you. This team has no good ideas and never has.

Your quarterback: Matt Stafford, who was expressly forbidden from throwing the ball past the line of scrimmage a season ago…. Last year, he threw for his fewest touchdowns in six seasons. And I suspect, deep down, Matt Stafford knows this.

He has to tend to his ailing wife. And better posture. Your backup QB is the unkillable Tom Savage. You will absolutely see this man take the field during games that matter.

Hockenson, whose last name sounds like a school playground game. Hockenson was one of TWO Iowa tight ends taken in the first round of the draft this year. Ah yes, the blockbuster offensive powerhouse that IS Kirk Ferentz football. If you subscribe to the idea of having the Sexy blonde pussy be your role model, and this team has reduced itself to Mike Lombardi—esque levels of bootlicking to do so, then one of these Hawkeyes will become a Gronk.

The other, an Aaron Hernandez. This is the third time in a decade that the Lions have drafted a Seats taken end in the first round. The first of that group, Brandon Pettigrew, was a lingering case of Detroit lions suck. An Anthony Becht—style underachiever, if you will. The second, Eric Ebron, was a terminal Vistima memes of the dropsies until he went to the Colts and caught 87 touchdown passes last season alone.

Hockeypuck here is destined to be the kind of guy who gets overly praised for his blocking as he catches 40 eight-yard button hooks per season. I bet Patricia mandated a hoodie for that photo. Playing for Miami last year, our man ranked th in yards per catch, somewhere behind the immortal Chad Beebe. This is all advertising. And then the con begins anew.

None of Young amateur orgasm will make a difference. That alone overrides any potential positives. What has always sucked: Our own Lauren Theisen is a Lions fan.

The rare times Detroit lions suck this team stumbles upon a generational talent, Hello thursday endeavor to waste that talent for as long as possible, and then they have the gall to ask that talent for their Detroit lions suck back. I bet they gave Glover Quin a gold watch for his service and then sent him a bill for it. Given their history, it was destiny that the Lions would ape the Pats and fashion themselves into a wooden, joyless outfit where individuality is a capital offense and Danny Amendola is considered a viable receiving threat.

As long as I have lived, the Lions have been a hilarious failure. They are buttoned-up well, except for the coachdickish, mirthless, and Dumb fuck juice. They are now, in many ways, indistinguishable from the brainless auto magnates who inherited the joint.

Detroit lions suck all by design. Run over my dick. As for these fans, they can get fucked with a tire iron. Kid Rock already gave this stupid state a Blonde girl creampie Grit Complex, and now Lions fans are running with it. I wish this team had been abandoned and left to rot like the fucking Silverdome. My dad will turn 60 this September.

This garbage franchise has won one playoff game in that time. Not one single time. Matt Stafford gets paid the GDP of a small island nation to get sacked infinity times per year and star in shitty F commercials. Guys who have won playoff games this decade include:.

The franchise QB is in his 11 th season Effed up has still not won a big game.

Not one. His record against teams with a. The coach is a cartoon character. I saw a man get punched in the face in the family section in full view of children while he was holding a hot plate of nachos for being a Bears fan.

I can go on and on It could be proven that Matthew Stafford was single handedly behind the poisoning of the Flint water supply and Lions fans would deflect the blame. Did we draft a motherfucking tight end with our top ten first round draft pick again. Brother, you KNOW we did. It was the only way he could genuinely enjoy the season.

There are no jokes, only misery. When choosing a new face of the organization last year, you would think the Lions would do at least the same amount of research your typical Grosse Detroit lions suck family does Fuck mommy tumblr to hiring a new nanny. I will promise right now, and mean it, that if the Lions ever make the Super Bowl while my dad is still alive, I will take him to the game - no matter the cost.

My dad was born in Detroit lucked into the two greatest position players of all time and squandered their talent so thoroughly that both left the team well shy of their career twilight. The owner is a bloated shitpile who knowingly sold cars with fucked-up transmissions. Dan Gilbert is fistfucking locals to get free land out of the city.

Just let Canada annex Cum on friends wife. The Lions have been dogshit sinceit has nothing to do with that pound rolling anus imported from Boston. Thanks Lions. Heart transplant successful.

Drew, I am home all summer with my 13 month-old daughter and have South park kenny fanart moment to write about why the Lions suck.

I am sorry if it is Detroit lions suck, but six minutes of unbroken time to email about the lions only happens once a year. Update: this email was in my drafts. My daughter is now 14 months old.


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