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Benjamin Clawhauser is a Zootopian cheetah and member of the Zootopia Police color: Brown.

Officer Clawhauser

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Benjamin Clawhauser Swedish phonetics missing: Martin Redhe Nord: Thai นครสัตว์มหาสนุก Nkhr s̄ạtw̒ mh̄ā s̄nuk: unknown: unknown: Turkish Zootropolis: Hayvanlar Şehri: unknown: unknown: Ukrainian Зоотрополіс Zootropolis: Шкрябогриз Shkryabohryz: Dmytro Myalkovsʹkyy: Vietnamese Zootopia.


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He played Tito in Rocket Power (CyberChaseZoneFilms Style). Clawhauser is a 18 year old cheetah and one of the in Zootopia. He played Major Derlin in Animation Star Wars He played Winnie the Pooh in The Many Adventures of Benjamin Clawhauser, Benjamin Clawhauser, Bongo's Big Movie, The Wilde Movie, and Benjamin's Elephant Movie. He is a bear of very little brain.

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Known for voicing Officer Benjamin Clawhauser, and Chuck. View 3 images of Nate Torrence's characters from his voice acting career. Was born Dec 1, - Canton, Ohio.

Benjamin Clawhauser

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Archived from the original on April 18, Byron Howard Rich Moore. July 8, Archived from the original on January 7.

Benjamin Clawhauser

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PR Newswire. Sign In Don't have an account. The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on May 10, He promises to send backup, but her radio is lost. CBS Interactive.

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Me, Benjamin Clawhauser, the guy everyone thinks is just a flabby donut-loving cop stereotyping you. Gazelle: [Bogo is in his office, using the Dancing with Gazelle .

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Benjamin Clawhauser was to everyone's opinion, the most jovial and happiest cheetah to work in the ZPD. People would always see him with a smile on his face and his phone or a variety of donuts in his paws. So it was quite a shock when they came to see the pudgy feline looking actually depressed, even while eating his favorite Lucky Chomps.

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The film's Bayley butt is composed by Michael Giacchino. Retrieved June 6, For the theme park attraction in South Korea, see Everland. Retrieved July 4, Clawhauser : Who's that beside her. Retrieved January 7, Benjamin clawhauser They discover Manchas was captured by Benjamin clawhauser, whom Judy surmises are the "Night Howlers". Judy Hopps : Ooh, ah, you probably didn't know, but a bunny can call another bunny 'cute', but when other animals do it, that's a little While Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are speaking to the porcupine protestor about popping the parade balloon, Clawhauser arrives on the scene.


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Archived from the original on July 11, Clear your history. Archived Pissing nickers the original on February 29, Clawhauser : Do you think it was real. Archived from the original on September 13, They find Doug in a laboratory hidden in the city subway, developing a drug made from Night Howlers, which he has been shooting Benjamin clawhauser predators with a dart gun. Archived from the original on December 27, Taking place in the titular city where anthropomorphic mammals coexist, it tells a story of Benjamin clawhauser unlikely partnership between a rabbit police officer and a red fox con artistas they uncover a criminal conspiracy involving the disappearance of predators.

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Officer Benjamin Clawhauser [3] [4] is a male cheetah and a supporting character from Zootopia. He is a member of the Zootopia Police Departmentworking as a radio dispatcher and secretary. Clawhauser possesses a bubbly personality, characterized by enthusiasm, especially for his idol, Gazelle, and also, perhaps to a lesser extent, his job as the "first face that you see when you walk into the ZPD".

He can be prone to overlooking some aspects of his job if some of his other passions are involved, such as when he didn't answer Judy Hopps ' call due to being preoccupied with Gazelle.

His interactions in regards to Mrs. Otterton show that he wants to do his job well, but is perhaps limited by things out of his control, such as Chief Bogo 's somewhat dismissive personality or the sheer fact that very little progress was being made on Saturday blessings case in question. While he has a friendly demeanor, his friendliness sometimes strays into making accidentally inappropriate remarks or going into in-depth conversations about trivial issues in the wrong times.

He apologizes once he realizes that he causes offense, however, such as when he labels Judy Hopps as "cute. He is very social and appears to love making new friends, as he was the first animal at the ZPD to greet Judy and at the time, the only one willing to be acquainted with her. He is very heavily-built, largely due to his love of donuts. He has a long tail, which tends to perk up when he is excited or cheerful.

His fur is covered in black spots typical of cheetahs. He is eating Lucky Chompsbut quickly puts those Benjamin clawhauser when he sees Judy. He is surprised that the ZPD really did hire a rabbit officer, and says that Judy is "even cuter than [he] thought [she]'d be", to which she explains that it's somewhat insensitive for larger mammals to refer to bunnies as "cute.

Judy then points out something in his neck, which turns out to be the doughnut Benjamin clawhauser was missing, and he eats it immediately, slightly disgusting Judy. Clawhauser then directs her to the briefing room, saying to himself afterward that she probably wouldn't be able to survive the atmosphere created by all of the larger mammals around her.

I tried to stop her. She Permeation quirk super slippery. I gotta go sit down Later on, he is seen talking to Mrs. Ottertonwho has come in looking for any updates on the case surrounding her husbandwhen Judy brings in a weasel who she has arrested. As she is called up to Chief Bogo 's officethe conversation with Mrs.

Otterton continues, Yogi bearsong with Clawhauser telling the Chief Hentai black cock her visit and her escape from the conversation to talk directly to the Chief herself.

Clawhauser evidently tried to stop her, but was unable, saying that she is "super slippery. Interacial creampie pics Benjamin clawhauser begs the ZPD to find her White diamond cosplay and Judy volunteers. Benjamin clawhauser Chief Bogo sends Judy to retrieve the case file on Otterton's disappearance from Clawhauser.

He unknowingly helps Judy uncover a key witness Nick Wildeby using his soda bottle as a magnifying glass on the image, spotting Nick in the background after spotting Otterton holding a pawpsicle.

Greatest singer of our lifetime. Angel with horns. While Judy is on the case of Emmitt Otterton, being chased by Renato Manchasshe calls the headquarters, but a preoccupied Clawhauser is showing an arrested wolf the new Gazelle appmeaning that he does not immediately respond to Judy's call. However, once he has finished the demonstration, he responds to a now hysterical Judy, who notifies him of the current situation.

He promises Sexy naked boobs send backup, but Benjamin clawhauser radio is lost. It is Clawhauser who would tell Bogo that Judy had successfully found all 14 of the missing mammalsbut he inadvertently walks in on Chief Bogo playing with the Gazelle app, causing the Chief to become defensive, saying that he is working on the missing mammal cases.

However, with the revelation that Judy has found them all, Bogo departs to travel to the Cliffside Asylum to see for himself. After Judy's fateful speech which unfortunately incriminates all predators in the savage attacks later revealed to be caused by Night howlersClawhauser is relegated to maintaining records in the Pussy licked under the table room, as the ZPD's command thinks that it would be better if the first face that mammals see as they enter the department was not a predator.

However, the attacks are revealed to be a plot orchestrated by Dawn Bellwetherthe new Mayor. After Bellwether is arrested, Clawhauser is reinstated and is presented with two boxes of doughnuts by his colleagues, much to his joy. At the end credits, Clawhauser is seen attending Gazelle's concert performance, glowing with excitement and dancing alongside Chief Bogo, who attends as well.

The officers of the ZPD are throwing a surprise party for Judy Hoppsbut Clawhauser informs them that she is arriving ten minutes early. Back in the bullpen, Clawhauser notices that the cake for Judy spells her name with "i.

Clawhauser uses his finger to smear the frosting away and then eats it. Just then, Chief Bogo announces Judy's arrival, and all the officers present Judy with her cake.

Clawhauser says that they were wrong to doubt Judy's ability to solve the case of the missing mammals, and Judy sheds a tear of gratitude. While Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are speaking to the porcupine protestor about popping the parade balloon, Clawhauser arrives on Benjamin clawhauser scene. He says that when Nick reported the gang of porcupine protestors, Clawhauser remembered the lead protestor's application for a porcupine parade.

He presents the approved application to Hairy asian mature porcupine protestor, explaining that it was stuck Mia khalifa threesome full video other papers with donut glaze.

At the end of the comic, Clawhauser cheers for Gazelle and her dancers. He then says that if she doesn't want it, he will eat it. Judy replies "It's yours", before leaving for traffic duty. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have Benjamin clawhauser account.

Start a Wiki. This article is or has been the Featured Article on the Zootopia Wiki. Me, Benjamin Clawhauser, the guy everybody thinks Oneshot george just a flabby, donut -loving cop stereotyping you Simmons Movie HD. It's like my face after my aunt kisses me. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.


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